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Meet the amazing people who kindly donate their time, energy and resources to helping us on our mission.

We welcome every volunteer. You might be a patient or community member, a professional in the health or clinical research industry or just someone who’s heard about what we’re doing and wants to be a part of it.

You can volunteer your time or skills. From design and social media to research and admin: whatever you’re good at, we’d love your help.

If what we do interests you, please get in touch for a chat below.

We’re lucky to have a number of amazing volunteers who very generously give their time, energy and resources to helping us make positive steps towards our goal. Each and every one of our volunteers is so important to us, and what we do wouldn’t be possible without them.

OUR Patient & Community advisors.

Demand Diversity was co-created with a diverse group of patient and community members to ensure everything we do is inclusive of a diverse range of needs.

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Hi I’m Kevin, I live in Texas USA. I am an avid reader and enjoy testing software/hardware for my various devices. I have ankylosing spondylitis, vestibular migraines, and have been recently diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and PTSD.


I’m Carly, I’m from Wales in the UK, and I am currently impacted by two rare genetic conditions. My visual impairment has made it difficult for me to get involved in research — I want to make being a patient accessible in all aspects.


Hey! I’m Richard, I’m currently a medical student at the University of Montreal in Canada, and I have ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. As both a healthcare worker and a patient, I’m grateful that I was able to help Demand Diversity’s mission of making clinical research more equitable!


I’m Maryam and I’m a writer from London UK. I have Sickle cell anaemia, and have had osteonecrosis, arthritis, acute chest syndrome, and dysmenorrhea. I have also had two hip replacements. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing and video editing.


Hi, I’m Oriana, I live in Portugal, and I’m a cancer survivor and patient advocate for (rare) cancer, mainly in young populations. I have been involved in various different initiatives and with NGOs, to deliver patient perspectives and try to support a better future for patients’ care.


Hi, I’m Ken, and I live in Boston in the US. I am an advocate for the conditions I have, including cystic fibrosis. I enjoy photography in my spare time, mostly street and cityscapes.


Hi, I’m Sabina, I am a communications coordinator and patient advocate based in Quakertown USA. I have a rare disease (Fabry Disease), I was a clinical trial participant for 12 years, and took part from phase II through to FDA approval for the treatment.


I’m Steve and I’m a full-time carer for my wife, who is in the late stages of Huntington’s disease. I live in Dorset in the UK. I am a trustee of the Huntington’s Disease UK association and have been a patient expert on several clinical trial advisory boards.


Hey, I’m Chrissie, I’m 26 and from Wiltshire UK. I am neurodiverse and was diagnosed as an adult, with a neurodiverse son. I have experience of a wide range of conditions including asthma, autism, ADHD, epilepsy, febrile convulsions, allergies, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.



Hey, I’m Alex and I’m a Senior Designer. I’m so excited to have volunteered for Demand Diversity and have been the lead designer developing the branding. Designing an inclusive style with patient and community input was important to me and the whole experience was amazing to be a part of.


Hey, I’m Abbie and I’m a Creative Content Writer. I believe everyone deserves equitable access to care, which fuels all the content I write for Demand Diversity. I’m so happy to have been able to write the reports and resources Demand Diversity offers. I can’t wait to see Demand Diversity reach patients and communities all around the world!


Hi, I’m Maddi and I’m a Research Manager. I’ve worked on the research for most of the Demand Diversity projects. It’s been so rewarding to work on these projects, because I feel that we’re really making a difference to patients’ lives by raising awareness of these not well understood or often ignored topics.


Hey I’m Alex and I’m a Creative Production Manager. I’m excited to have supported Demand Diversity in managing some of the projects and making sure all the work runs smoothly. It’s been such a wonderful project to be a part of and I can’t wait to see where we go from here!


I’m Lucy and I’m a Digital Marketer, I’m completing my university degree currently and I’m glad to have been able to support Demand Diversity marketing. Working on a new and small non-profit brand has been really rewarding, and we hope to reach many patients and communities.


Hello, I’m Chris and I’m a Designer. I’m excited to volunteer for Demand Diversity because I have seen it develop over the last 3 years, from an idea to its own organisation. I’m very proud to see what it’s become and what the future holds!


Hey, I’m Lizzie and I am a Project Manager. I’m also completing a Master’s degree in Psychology. I’m passionate about healthcare and diversity, so it’s great to have the opportunity to support the Demand Diversity team in helping manage some of their projects, on a volunteer basis.


Hey, I’m Chloe and I’m a Research and Insights Manager. I first worked on Demand Diversity over 3 years ago when it was first developed as a small project, speaking to people from different communities about their lived experiences of healthcare and clinical trials. I’m so happy to be back as a volunteer for the non-profit, working with patients and communities to ensure real-world change is actioned.


Hey, I’m Lola and I’m a 12 year old golden Labrador. Hayley the CEO here at Demand Diversity is my owner and I’m a very spoilt doggo. I volunteer and support the team here at Demand Diversity by keeping them calm and happy.


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Meet the amazing people who kindly donate their time, energy, and resources to help us on our mission.

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