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We are more than an advocate for diversity in clinical research – we are the catalyst for transformation.

Our journey is fueled by a passionate commitment to equity and inclusion, inspired by personal experiences that highlight the urgent need for change.

Our founding moment

In 2002, one of our founders lost his father to prostate cancer. His father had immigrated from India to the UK and lived in a predominantly white, affluent area, where the healthcare team reflected this. Despite obvious symptoms, his diagnosis was missed for three years. Biases then persisted in treatment options and information, hindering informed decisions and access to clinical trials. This experience, among many others, highlights the urgent need for diversity and inclusion in healthcare.

Taking action

In 2019, Demand Diversity initiated research into clinical trial perceptions within underserved communities in the UK. As we prepared to launch in May 2020, global events – the pandemic, the tragic death of George Floyd, and the FDA’s mandate for diversity in clinical trials – reshaped our perspective. While awareness has increased, the tangible, evidential change is not happening fast enough.

Looking ahead

Today, diversity risks becoming a mere buzzword in clinical research. We believe in going beyond surface discussions and superficial actions. Join us as we hold the industry accountable, learn from experiences, and champion diverse demographics and approaches. Together, we can shape the future of clinical research.

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Our mission is dynamic, our goals ambitious. We invite you to join us on this journey. Be part of the change, beyond just words. Explore our reports, engage with our blogs, and let’s collectively redefine the landscape of clinical research.

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