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be the change

Without immediate, authentic action, diversity in clinical research is in danger of becoming a buzzword. Together, we must do better. 

Racial and ethnic minorities make up
39% of the US population, but estimated
rates of clinical trial participation
for these groups range from 2% to 16%

Traditional values (often associated with
older/first generations) are likely to be
barriers for religious participants

A study of 243 clinical trials related to couples
and sexual function after various medical
treatments showed that 37 trials explicitly
excluded people in same-sex relationships.

Persons with intellectual disabilities
die at a younger age than the general
population – in persons with Down syndrome,
20 years younger, on average.

People in lower socio-economic groups
are more likely to have long-term
health conditions, and these conditions
tend to be more severe than those
experienced by people in higher
socio-economic groups.

Up to 20% of the global population
neurodivergent, yet research
shows that healthcare services may
be inaccessible to this population.

Although people aged over 65 years
represent only about 13% of the population,
they consume nearly one-third of
all medications.

Historical events and cultural
add to the distrust
that already sits within religious
non-white patients.

Beyond the buzzword

The lack of representation couldn’t be clearer, but without genuine action to address the current pitfalls, diversity and inclusion becomes a box-ticking exercise. Empty words just to get heads nodding are becoming all too familiar. This cannot continue. 


Giving everyone a voice

Information is power

Be the change

Enough is enough; it’s time to take real action to make healthcare inclusive and equitable. But, we must not just want change but be the change. 

At Demand Diversity, we’re here to keep the spotlight on the industry’s very real diversity and inclusion problem and continue to hold them accountable. We drive authentic action, campaign for change, and act as the catalyst for radical shifts that transform the future of clinical research.

We do this through insight, research, and vital collaborations with patients, diverse groups, and individuals in the industry with the same vision. Being just a buzzword is not an option.

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